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Hallmark in the leather
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  • A visible connection to your beloved one....

    Exclusive sporty - elegant leather bracelets,
    each decorated with a sparkling amethyst gemstone, which symbolizes "protection"

    The energy-charged gemstones are firmly integrated into the leather using
    a protected technology* and finish flatly with the leather surface!
    The settings of the gemstones are 925 Sterling Silver.
    The amethysts have a size of 4mm (= 0,16 inch) each.
    The edges of the natur leather are rounded and the leather surface
    is protected with a special finish from moisture, bleaching & dirt.
    The surfaces are decorated with a filigree ranke finally.
    Or Choose! your wish hallmark:
    Star, Ranke, Sunshine, Lilie, Heart, Curved Cross or without hallmarks
    For highest wearing comfort the bracelets are lined with soft purple(lila) nappa leather!
    The bracelets are approx. 1.6 - 1,8 cm (= 0,63 - 0,71 inch) wide with padding.

    The high-quality metal click closure offers the safest wearing comfort.

    Would you like a personal engraving on the clasp, please choose!
    ⇒ Schreibschrift or Druckschrift
    A maximum of 16 characters is possible each clasp!
    Please add them to the comment field when ordering!

    The bracelets are available in following sizes
                                                    ! Choose : Bracelet 1 & 2

    Wrist circumference ⇒ 14 - 15 cm (5,5-5,9inch)    Wrist circumference ⇒ 15 - 16 cm (5,9-6,3inch)
    Wrist circumference ⇒ 16 - 17 cm (6,3-6,7inch)    Wrist circumference ⇒ 17 - 18 cm (6,7-7,1inch)
    Wrist circumference ⇒ 18 - 19 cm (7,1-7,5inch)    Wrist circumference ⇒ 19 - 20 cm (7,5-7,9inch)
    Wrist circumference ⇒ 20 - 21 cm (7,9-8,3inch)    Wrist circumference ⇒ 21 - 22 cm (8,3-8,7inch)

    Help to measure the wrist circumference can be found here ⇒ Help
    Do you have questions, or "special wishes" write us ⇒

    The selected bracelets will be delivered in a exclusive gift box!

    *utility model protected

    On our YouTube channel there is a nice video of the bracelets:

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